3 Cabinet Designs For A Modern Kitchen

a white kitchen with wooden cabinets under the island
4 Cabinet Colors For A Modern Contemporary Kitchen Design
May 23, 2022

When you’re designing a kitchen, you have to keep in mind your client’s preferences while also optimizing the available space and making sure all the cabinets fit and move perfectly. Remodeling a kitchen isn’t just about choosing the right color cabinets but you’ll also have to pay attention to the countertops, cabinet design, cabinet knobs, drawer handles, color palettes, light fixtures, etc. All these things add to the aesthetics and personality of the space.

A well-designed kitchen speaks volumes of artistry and the homeowner’s style. Here are some cabinet designs that’ll add value to your renovation project and ensure your clients are happy with the outcome.

a modern black kitchen cabinet design

Minimal And Clean Partial Overlay Door Design

Minimal is the new modern look these days. If you’re going for a more minimal and modern aesthetic, choose a cabinet design with minimal filigree and a partial overlay that’ll give that standard cabinet look for your client’s kitchen. A partial overlay is cabinetry doors with a ½ inch overlay door in the drawer front. This leaves two inches of space between the next cabinet or drawer.

Detailed And Textured Full Overlay Door Design

One of the best things about wooden kitchen cabinets is that you can get them painted in any color your clients prefer, and there’s a variety of materials to choose from. If you’re going for a more affordable option, plywood and fiber material come in many colors and textures. Also, you can advise your clients to invest in quality hardwood with details and designs. It all depends upon the spending budget.

You can get the cabinets in either partial overlay or full overlay. With a partial overlay, you’ll get standard two inches of space between the cabinetry, but with a full overlay, you’ll see very little of the cabinet frame that’ll show each door and drawer front with a seamless visual. It’s a modern look for kitchen cabinetry if your clients have asked for that aesthetic.

Slide Out Features With Premium Designs And Full Overlay

One of the more popular features of modern cabinet designs in modern kitchens is functional pull-out sliders and drawers. They’re fitted according to the cabinet depth and space and have strong brackets on which the cabinet door can be fixed. So outwardly, your clients will see a normal cabinet door, but it won’t slide to the side. It’ll pull out on a slider, displaying everything from the inside out on its multiple shelves, making it easy for your clients to manage their inventory.

a black kitchen cabinet design with marble wallpaper

Get Some Of The Best Solid Wood RTA Cabinets For the Kitchen

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