4 Accessories To Improve The Functionality Of Kitchen Cabinets

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May 16, 2022
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May 23, 2022

Keeping cabinets and countertops decluttered all the time can be challenging. That’s why many homeowners prefer functional storage space for their modern and traditional kitchens. If you have a client who wants their kitchen remodeled with the latest bells and whistles, you can confer with a kitchen design company to decide on the best layout for the cabinets and the functional accessories to maximize storage and accessibility.

Here are some accessories you can look into while you decide on the cabinet designs:

A Half-Moon Lazy Susan Set With Wooden Tray

If you’ve chosen a deep cabinet design for storage, it can be difficult to bend down and reach in whenever your clients need something. With this half-moon accessory, they’ll be able to easily pull out the wooden shelf and China on it without the hassle and toppling other utensils. These trays are also specifically designed to hit the back of the cabinet and dislodge the crockery on the tray.

A Base Cabinet Pull-Out

A base cabinet pull-out is usually equipped with a concealed under-mount and is soft to close. It’s wiggle-proof and an easy way to store non-perishable items like cereal, jams, empty containers, rice, flour, pasta, etc. It has adjustable shelves, and shelf supports that you can reconfigure based on your client’s needs. Also, its adjustable door mounting brackets make it easy for the contractor or installation company to mount the cabinet and blend seamlessly into your kitchen cabinet design aesthetics.

a waste pull out cabinet accessory

A Pre-assembled 35 Quart Single Pull Out Waste Container System

Like the base cabinet pull-out, the waste container system has a 35 Quart capacity and can easily be installed in cabinet space. Its pull-out feature makes it easy to get rid of waste and then slide back in discretely without spills and hassle. It’s also a better way to utilize the space under the sink or beside the stove, where people usually prefer their waste receptacle to be in the kitchen.

a pull-out cabinet

Tray Dividers

If your clients stack their trays one on top of the other, maybe it’s time to make their lives easier. Tray dividers are one of the best accessories that can upgrade any kitchen. As a kitchen contractor, you can add this feature after discussing it with your client that’ll help them keep the trays organized and functionally access them.

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