4 Cabinet Colors For A Modern Contemporary Kitchen Design

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May 18, 2022
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May 27, 2022

Imagine a smooth countertop with none of the small appliances and hanging clutter, a smooth cabinet finish, and functional drawers? Sound like a dream kitchen yet? Homeowners these days prefer a minimal style with a modern finish. This unique aesthetic is transforming the traditional kitchen visuals into something that speaks to personalized and individual tastes. That’s why kitchen contractors and design companies factor in the client’s advice and style in cabinet making and kitchen installations.

If you’re looking to design a modern and contemporary kitchen, here are some trendy cabinet colors you can incorporate into your client’s kitchen remodeling project:

Green Is The New Bold

From fashion to décor, the theme in colors this year is bold. Gone is the trend of pastels and light shades; designers are experimenting with bold shades throughout home décor and fashion aesthetics. If your clients are looking for something contemporary and eccentric, bright and earthy green cabinet colors can be the way to go. It can add a natural and calming visual to the kitchen that operates as the heart of the home.

Black And White Are A Classic

White wooden cabinets are a traditional aesthetic and have been popular for many years, but the black and white combo is more recent and will remain a relevant style this year as well. Black and white hues can look incredibly dramatic in the kitchen setting, and when paired with matching appliances, they can give your client’s kitchen a fresh new look. You can mix it with up quartz or marble countertops to create a nice accent and balance the visual aesthetic.

a black and wooden-themed kitchen cabinet design

Grey And White

Many homeowners opt for painted wooden cabinets to keep their options for future remodeling. They also prefer a two-toned kitchen like white and grey to add more color and depth to the aesthetic. Two-toned kitchens are becoming quite popular this season as they can create more wall designs and colored accessories to add to the kitchen.

Natural Wood

Natural wooden accents and painted wooden cabinets are the new modern design. It may look rustic, but minimal is the new modern. Natural wood can make your client’s kitchen look expensive and well-planned. Its natural materials will make it look more durable, and the wooden color does not fade so easily over time, making it a worthwhile investment for your clients.

a modern kitchen cabinet design

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